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Welcome page for babies with Down syndrome

If you have a baby with Down syndrome in your family you will certainly have questions and doubts. Maybe your friends, relatives and neighbours expect answers and information from you which you can not offer at this point of time. We have put down this information in order to share with you our experiences we have made with our new-born children with Down syndrome!

Congratulations on the birth of your Baby
We wish you all the best!!

We hope you have learned about your child having Down syndrome in a way which allowed you to get used to this gradually. After the births of our children, we all, who are parents of children with Down syndrome, have experienced reactions and feelings like

  • shock
  • disbelief
  • sorrow
  • rejection
  • a heavy blow to one´s self-esteem
  • rage
  • sense of guilt
But you will soon find out that you are able to cope with the demands the bringing up of a child with Down syndrome requires of you. You will enjoy every single step in the development of your child and you will find out how much joy such a child can offer you. Do not let yourself get influenced by antiquated reference-book entries or prejudices others have. Your child will develop in a way you can not imagine when it is born. And be always aware that you are not alone!!!
You will find parents in our area having the same problem. Our best friends we have found through our children with Down syndrome. The following advice may help you to cope with your feelings:

  • Be open to your feelings
  • Look for experts to talk with.
  • Meet other parents.
  • Keep on taking part in social life
  • Stay active
  • Try to do everything step for step.
If you already have children in your family, take care that they get enough attention from your side and that they learn how to face and cope with attitudes and comments of other children.
From the very beginning your children will be guided by your own reaction towards the baby. When you come home form hospital, include this baby in your family life and enjoy the progress it makes.
Inform your relatives and friends as early as possible. Especially grandparents can be an invaluable help for the care of our child. Show your child with Down syndrome as often as possible. People are surprised when they realises how cute children with Down syndrome are. When your friends have seen your child with their own eyes, many fears and uncomfortable feelings will become less and many things will become a lot easier for all. Most people feel rather helpness if friends or relatives have a child with Down syndrome. Do not hesitate to accept offers of help. Friends also need the feeling of being able to help. You should also develop strategies for yourself how you could cope with remarks hurting your feelings:
Let everybody who is close to you share with you the growing up and development of your child. Always realize that the Down syndrome is only al small part of your child, only a tiny part on an immeasurably vast genetic code. It is important for your child´s development that it becomes an accepted and integrated part or your community and neighbourhood.

Remember to welcome your child and share your time and your joy with it!

This page was last updated on   05/10/2016