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Mailing list Down syndrome

To all who are concerned with the Down syndrome, children with Down syndrome have and interested.

I would like you / contact you because I regret that it is very difficult in the German-speaking area, electronically to stay in touch.
The aim is to discuss and share experiences!
That's why I called a discussion forum launched in October 1996:

Each (r) Interested (r), who wants to participate in a public exchange of views,
sends the message to the e-mail address
(Subject / Subject - Down Syndrome mailbox Start)

If you click on the above e-mail address, the text is inserted automatically, then you need the message just send off!
To subscribe for the list. You know immediately (unless I am not currently available) via email, as it works with the shipping! Case you do not want each e-mail, but rather have collected, please send a message with

(Subject / Subject - Subscribe DIGEST) to

After your registration you will receive an e-mail, please confirm your registration immediately, only then you will be put on the distribution list.

 Oh, one more thing:

You need to know all messages are considered public and will be sent to all members of the list. If there are problems, please contact me and do not forget, there are only messages if any of you / you she writes. I think our mailbox is a good idea on the path of a network of all activities in the field
Down syndrom.

Please promote it, talk / speak to many people, of which you know / You wisssen that they use the Internet or mail delivery.

With best regards from Kirchlinteln
Wilfried Liebetruth
Chairman of the Working Group DOWN syndrome e.V. (Kirchlinteln)

Today take 871 people to our discussion group part!

Please note:

If you have your mail at the following providers, you will receive messages that are sent from there to the mailing list, not be returned, since these providers suggest sending spam, which of course is not true:
AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Live

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